Friday, 6 May 2011

Qmore Mouthwash

This is a mouthwash product with herbs abstracts and it is totally gentle with your mouth. It can protect our mouth and teeth from bacteria. The natural herbs contains in this mouthwash can remove the strains effectively and safely. Current mouthwash products in the market consist of alcohol and you will feel like something biting your mouth. That is because of high amount of chemical inside that mouthwash. The ingredients of this mouthwash includes water, Streblus Asper, salt, Benzoic Acid, Menthol and Permitted Food Conditioner. It is especially used for oral hygiene and mouth problem.

Besides that, it also can help to solve toothache and gums problem. This product is safe and gentle for daily use, and it’s a product for all people because it is quick, simple and effective. Shake it well before use and rinse with probac-mc 20ml twice per day for 30 seconds and expel the liquids for better results.

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